Here you can find some useful definitions to terms that you might be unfamiliar with. These will help you better understand the documentation while you are reading.
Aave is a protocol used to borrow and lend digital assets. Their website is
This is the annual percentage yield a lender gains on their depoits.
These are interest bearing tokens that a lender receives when they deposit into the Aave protocol.
This is a immutable digital ledger of transactions that are distributed across a network of computers.
Usually an asset that usually acts as insurance .
Collateral Relief
Collateral provided by the owner of another store to buy another store owner's debt.
ENS name
Human readable names registered on the Ethereum Name Service to identify objects. Their website is
ERC20 tokens
Standard used to define tokens that are build on top of the Ethereum Blockchain.
Custom code attached to stores to execute additional tasks after receiving payments.
This is data used to describe data where is this sense the data is a store.
These are cashback tokens that a customer receives when they make payments with the Malus protocol.
Smart Contracts
These are immutable programs that execute task when predetermined conditions are met.
The amount money a store owner wants to use cover their customer's cashback rate.
This is a program that runs on the The Graph protocol It defines a set of rules for what data to index from a particular blockchain and organizes it.
Wallet address
This is a hashed version of a public key used to identify where to send and receive money.
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